Glass 4.5" Spoon Pipe

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Glass 4.5" Spoon Pipe

Piranha 4.5" Spoon

This spoon style glass hand pipe is a quality Piranha Product. At 4.5" in length it comes in blue, white, green, and smoke black. It also features the Piranha logo etched on the top.

About Piranha

Piranha sells more than just glass products, we sell a high quality experience with a low price point. Our line of silicone containers, mats and storage for the concentrate market are always evolving. And we have over 50 different options in grinders that will last a lifetime... guaranteed! Check out the rest of our site to elevate your smoke. 

Product Details

  • Packaging: Bubble wrap
  • Made from: High quality glass
  • Warranty: We offer a limited warranty; details here
  • Returns/Exchanges: They're cool; here's our policy
  • Shipping: Free for regular US shipping; read more

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