Dispensaries make their appearance in Texas!

Dispensaries make their appearance in Texas!

Posted by Desiree Rawls on Mar 30th 2020

Once hemp became legal in Texas, new dispensaries have emerged, and commercial retailers have been eager to add cannabidiol to their shelves. Texas has even adopted a medical marijuana program for those with specific conditions who wish to include the plant’s properties into their healing process. However, you all might have noticed there are differences for CBD cultivated and distributed by Official Texas Dispensaries and the CBD products found on the shelves of your local head shop. This is because of the different regulations for the distributors.

The difference is found in the levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, in the products being sold. The CBD found in smoke shops, cosmetic brands, and even food sold through commercial retailers is derived from hemp. This means these products have a legal amount of .03% or less. Tinctures, cartridges, gels and flower with higher THC contents - still higher in CBD - are legally sold in authorized dispensaries. These products with balanced amounts of both THC and CBD are considered hybrid.

Texas currently has three official companies that are licensed to distribute medicinal marijuana. Those companies include the popular Fluent and Surterra, and a Texas brand, Compassionate Cultivation.

Compassionate Cultivation is the first Texas company to be licensed. Their products are cultivated to suit the needs of each patient and their condition. They carry a variety of tinctures and sprays with varying CBD to marijuana ratios.

Surterra Wellness is a Florida based company with a location in Austin, Texas! They provide vape pens, tinctures, oils, and many other hybrid products as well, which can be picked up from one of their centers or delivered.

Fluent is another retailer with many U.S. locations that will be opening a center in Schulenburg, Tx. Like Surterra, they offer delivery services as well, straight to your door!

So, what qualifies you for MMJ access?

Qualifying conditions for medical marijuana include:

However, the list is constantly growing in Texas. You can find other common qualifications here.

Want to still purchase CBD infused treats?

There is a plethora of smoke shops, botanicals, apothecaries and even department stores that carry CBD flower or hemp-based flowers and oils. Some common ones include The Botanical Shoppe, LazyDaze coffee shop, and your local GNC. You can even find a variety of products on Windship's website soon! So, get out and explore!

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