Piranha Quartz Beaker w/ Thermal Banger Nail

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Piranha Quartz Beaker w/ Thermal Banger Nail

An upgrade from the basic beaker. Includes a non removable thermal banger and free carb cap.

About Piranha

Piranha sells more than just quartz products, we sell a high quality experience with a low price point. Our line of silicone containers, mats and storage for the concentrate market are always evolving. And we have over 50 different options in grinders that will last a lifetime... guaranteed! Check out the rest of our site to elevate your smoke. 

Product Details

  • Packaging: Bubble wrap
  • Made from: High quality quartz
  • Warranty: We offer a limited warranty; details here
  • Returns/Exchanges: They're cool; here's our policy
  • Shipping: Free for regular US shipping; read more

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